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Інститут соціальних технологій «Соціополіс» провів всеукраїнське опитування громадської думки з метою вивчення поточної суспільно-політичної та електоральної ситуації в країні. Терміни проведення польового етапу опитування – з 8 по 15 лютого 2019 року. Об’єктом дослідження були жителі всіх регіонів України, за винятком Автономної Республіки Крим, м. Севастополя і окремих районів Донецької та Луганської областей, віком від 18 років.



У Чернігові обговорили перспективи співробітництва малого та середнього бізнесу у прикордонних регіонах України-Білорусі. 28-29 січня відбулось підведення підсумків 14-місячної гранатової програми Європейського Союзу «Активізація малого та середнього бізнесу у прикордонних регіонах України-Білорусі».


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SOCIOPOLIS: Social, Political & Market Research - an independent research organization, the main activity of which is to conduct social, political and market research as well as providing political consulting services. Sociopolis was founded in 2002 and over the decade has become a successful research company with extensive experience in conducting social and political research. Growth and demand have urged us to expand the scope of activities through the active development of a marketing area. At this point the structure of Sociopolis includes Center of Social Technologies Sociopolis (registered at the beginning of 2008), which is mainly engaged in conducting social and economic research, and the Institute of Social Technologies Sociopolis which is oriented towards conducting social and political studies and providing political consulting.

SOCIOPOLIS: Social, Political & Market Research has vast experience in conducting research in social, economic and political spheres using traditional and newest polling technologies. The most common types of research that our company performs are: mass surveys using the method of personal (face-to-face) interviews; focus group studies; in-depth interviews; telephone interviews; expert surveys; desk research. Our company performs a full cycle of work - from the development of the program and the survey tool to processing its results and preparing an analytical report. We constantly implement projects for clients, as well as our own research.

Over the past five years, Sociopolis has conducted more than 200 socio-political and marketing research. Over 30 of them were represented in the leading Ukrainian news agencies - Interfax, UNIAN, Ukrainian News, etc.

A particular area of activity of the company "Sociopolis" is research of the level of popularity of trademarks, as well as similarities and differences between trademarks - in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Intellectual Property" and other normative legal acts in the field of protection of intellectual property rights.

The company "SOCIOPOLIS ™: Social, Political & Market Research" provides consultations in the field of social and political relations to political parties, public organizations, authorities and individuals, both during election campaigns and during the period between elections. During its existence, "Sociopolis" conducted a number of successful informational, election and image campaigns, social events. A separate type of activity in this area is working with candidates for people's deputies in majoritarian constituencies.

Our team consists of experienced qualified researchers-sociologists, marketing managers, political scientists, psychologists, political consultants. Employees of the company "Sociopolis" are authors and co-authors of monographs and scientific articles in the field of sociology, marketing and political science.

The company "SOCIOPOLIS ™: Social, Political & Market Research" has its own network for polling, covering all regions of Ukraine and consisting of about 350 interviewers. All interviewers of "Sociopolis" are fluent in Ukrainian and Russian and conduct interviews on one of them at the choice of the respondent. Coordination and control of the interviewers' work is carried out from the central office in Kiev and representative offices in the regional centers of Ukraine, as well as an independent network of field control. We pay special attention to quality control of the collection of primary sociological information as a primary condition for ensuring the quality implementation of research projects.

SOCIOPOLIS ™ in its work applies modern tools and methods of processing and analyzing information (SPSS, OCA, etc.).

Our customers are public organizations, mass media, government bodies, political parties, politicians, business representatives.

In its work SOCIOPOLIS ™: Social, Political & Market Research is guided by ESOMAR / WAPOR directives and guidelines, as well as the Marketing Research Standards of the Ukrainian Marketing Association. Since 2012, the Center for Social Technologies "Sociopolis" is a member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association.