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Elections to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may take place in autumn 2016.

This was stated by Deputy Director of the Centre of Social Technologies' "Sociopolis", PhD in Sociology Sergey Litvinov during a round table news agency "LigaBusinessInform".


The mood of Ukrainian society today is critically close to one that was before the second Maidan.

This was stated by Deputy Director of the Centre of Social Technologies "Sociopolis", PhD in Sociology Sergey Litvinov during a round table news agency "LigaBusinessInform".


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SOCIOPOLIS: Social, Political & Market Research - an independent research organization, the main activity of which is to conduct social, political and market research as well as providing political consulting services. Sociopolis was founded in 2002 and over the decade has become a successful research company with extensive experience in conducting social and political research. Growth and demand have urged us to expand the scope of activities through the active development of a marketing area. At this point the structure of Sociopolis includes Center of Social Technologies Sociopolis (registered at the beginning of 2008), which is mainly engaged in conducting social and economic research, and the Institute of Social Technologies Sociopolis which is oriented towards conducting social and political studies and providing political consulting.

SOCIOPOLIS: Social, Political & Market Research has vast experience in conducting research in social, economic and political spheres. The company has held public opinion monitoring, exit polls, mass and expert interviews, in-depth interviews and focus groups. For the last three years Sociopolis has conducted more than 100 social, political and market researches, more than 50 of which were represented in the leading Ukrainian news agencies, including Ukrainian News, UNIAN, Interfax and others. A series of studies ‘State of Urban Housing in Ukraine and Prospects for its Reform from the Point of View of Citizens’ (2009-2010) received a special attention of the public, the media and the authorities (Ministry for Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, specialized committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kiev City State Administration, etc.). Another work area of Sociopolis is the research of brands popularity level as well as the similarities and differences between brands according to the methodology defined by the Intellectual Property Act of Ukraine.

Our team consists of young and ambitious researchers: social scientists, marketing experts, psychologists and political scientists. Sociopolis employees are monographers, authors and co-authors of many scientific articles in the field of sociology, political science and marketing. Since 2012 the Center of Social Technologies Sociopolis is a member of the Ukrainian Marketing Association. Sociopolis has its own interviewer network in all the regions of Ukraine. We cooperate with near 400 interviewers. Coordination and control are exercised by the central offices and representative offices in Kiev and regional centers of Ukraine as well as other major cities. In its work Soсiopolis follows the directives and guidelines of ESOMAR as well as the Ukrainian Marketing Association marketing research standards.